FRP Domes for Disaster Relief Shelters

Example disaster earthquake needing shelterDuring emergency situations like major earth quakes, mudslides, tornadoes, hurricanes and large forest fires, Enviropod FRP Dome Houses are the optimal choice for disaster relief shelters.

When homes and whole communities have been destroyed because of extreme weather situations, the objective is to get people to safety fast, and into temporary shelters that can be quickly deployed and will ensure the people taking shelter will be properly protected.

When it comes to providing shelter and/or temporary housing in a disaster relief situation for humans and pets, portable housing units should have the following characteristics:

  • able to be quickly and easily deployed
  • able to house at least 8 to 10 people at a time
  • can provide shelter for pets
  • they need to be strong and sturdy
  • need to provide warmth
  • require minimal maintenance
  • can store food and water easily
  • they need to be flood and fire resistant
  • able to provide the necessary amenities i.e. running water, bathrooms

Each year, millions of people in developed and under-developed nations become displaced because of war and natural disasters – sometimes both. During these emergency situations, despite the streams of help people receive, many still die and usually as a result of improper housing options.

Emergency tents can only go so far, and although they can be built quickly, a tent is not optimal at keeping people safe, warm, and mentally stable.

Overall, disaster relief housing needs to be weather resistant in case further disaster situations occur, in order to ensure those taking refuge remain safe.

The bottom line is that when disasters hit, you want a temporary housing solution that’s easy to deploy, can resist damage, and will last as long as it’s needed while keeping people safe, secure and comfortable.

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