FRP Domes as Temporary Shelters

Temporary shelter FRP domesWhen it comes to deciding which temporary shelters to use, there are 3 factors to take into consideration – how easy they are to build, how reliable they are at providing shelter, and how durable and safe they are.

Along with being perfect and the most efficient types of disaster relief shelters on the market – Enviropod FRP domes are also the optimal choice for use as temporary portable shelters for an array of applications.

Enviropod FRP domes can be erected as a temporary shelters for commercial, residential or non-profit situations such as:

  • for tools and equipment
  • as storage of necessities
  • for crisis mitigation
  • as homeless emergency shelters
  • for refugee crisis mitigation
  • as contingency planning offices
  • as an inventory storage facility
  • as a repair facility
  • as art studios
  • as commercial pop-up centers
  • as commercial festival installations
  • for seasonal camping lodges
  • can be easily deconstructed and reused

Easy to Build

If you compare the security and durability of Enviropod FRP domes, versus the many other forms of temporary shelters, you’ll find Enviropod is much more easy to build with the help of a few other bodies. To build an Enviropod dome house, no special tools are needed, no specialty builders need to be hired, and it takes less than a day to complete. If you start in the morning, by nightfall your dome can be used for whatever purposes you require.


Enviropod dome houses are practically the most reliable forms of temporary shelters on the market. They will keep people warm, keep equipment and other important items dry and secure, and because they have doors, your property can be locked away safely from potential theft and damage. The shape of Enviropod domes provide for the highest strength-to-weight ratio which out-perform the reliability requirements of typical tents, yurts, and tipis type temporary shelters.

Durable and Safe

As far as durability and safety is concerned, as a temporary shelter, Enviropod outdoes other common forms of temporary shelters in several areas. They’re resistant to severe weather conditions from strong winds to severe rain; they can easily stand up to hurricanes and minor tornado systems, and the material they’re made of enables them to withstand the wear and tear that most other temporary shelters fall by the wayside to.

Long Term Shelters

Enviropod domes shelters are especially ideal as a long term sheltering solution too. The products they’re built with (FRP – fibre-reinforced polymer), and the way they’re constructed enables them to last upwards of 40 to 50 years with only minimal maintenance required.

If you’re looking to purchase 1 or 2 temporary shelters for personal or business use, or if you plan on buying a larger quantity, simply visit our order page, or call us now at 519-802-3341 for more information.