Enviropod FRP Dome Home FAQ

The beauty of the Enviropod FRP Dome design is its extreme durability. These domes are rated to withstand 200 km/h winds and magnitude 8 earthquakes, making them the toughest portable housing units on the market.

Below is our Enviropod FRP Dome Home FAQ. If you don’t see your question below, visit our contact page for ways you can get in touch with us.

What are Enviropod Domes made of?

Enviropod domes are made with Molded Composite Fiberglass (FRP) panels, with a UV resistant gel coat.

Are Enviropod domes portable?

Portability is a hallmark of Enviropod domes. They can be easily transported in the back of a truck and assembled onsite with only a couple of stepladders and hand tools. They can then be easily disassembled – ready for re-use at another location.

How are they assembled?

The panels are fastened together with nylon bolts for easy assembly and disassembly.

What is the insulation made of?

It is a 3 part sandwich of aluminum, foam and fabric.

Can I connect multiple domes together to make a larger house?

Yes, you can attach them together via the door frames or if you want to space them apart any good carpenter can build hallways between the door units.

What do I need for a foundation?

Basically any flat surface, bare ground, asphalt, concrete pad, wooden deck etc.

How does your FRP dome compare to a Yurt?

No comparison. Enviropod domes are far more durable than a yurt and unlike a yurt they wont rot or mold and become unusable in a few short years.

How customizable are Enviropod dome homes?

The Enviropod is easily customized with extra windows or doors and we even have a plexiglass skylight you can order which was custom built for our domes.

What is maintenance like?

The gel coat on the exterior of the panels sheds water and dirt while the gaskets on each panel keep the interior clean and dry in all weather conditions.

Can I get it in a color other than white?

Yes, we have a full range of color options available. If white isn’t your favorite color we also offer a full range of custom colors for a small extra charge.

Have more questions?

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